Reports show that most of the older Indian men are suffering from Benign Prostate Enlargement(BPE) or Benign Prostate Hyperplasis(BPH). This condition of  enlargement of the prostate gland in men, is not a life threatening condition when detected at an early stage.

The ailment  can get easily treated with life style changes, medications and surgical procedures, such as, TURP. However, delayed diagnosis and treatment can make the simple ailment turn serious leading to cancers.

What are the factors leading to BPH or BPE?

Pin pointing reasons causing prostate enlargement or BPH/BPE is not possible. There is no fixed causative reason that can lead to the condition; however, hormonal changes in elderly men are taken to be one of the important reasons leading to this health condition.

Some studies say that an increase level of DHT leads to growth of prostate gland and hence the unwanted enlargement. DHT, dihydro testosterone one is a hormone that has increased secretion with age. Thus, higher levels of DHT leads to abnormal growth of prostate gland leading to BPH.

Again, some researchers suggest that increased level of oestrogen in men may lead to a similar condition. Younger males produce more of testosterone and small amounts of oestrogen. However, with age, testosterone production decreases while oestrogen levels increase. A level of oestrogen beyond permissible levels leads to multiple health disorders, one being the BPH.

Males already suffering from High blood pressure and diabetes remain prone to BPH and therefore frequent screenings are mandatory.

What are your treatment options of BPH?

Treating BPH depends on the severity of symptoms. Therefore, a thorough diagnosis is vital to decide if you require a TURP surgery or medications will resolve the condition.

Diagnosis usually involves discussing symptoms with your doctor. Your doctor will want to know about your urination frequency and if any pain is accompanied. Physical examinations, blood tests and urine tests may also be conducted.

Based on the reports and examinations, your doctor decides the treatment option. Medications are prescribed to restore hormonal balance that has changed. Some life style changes are also required to adopt to bring about quick and desired solutions.

If all of these measures fail to cure the ailment, TURP surgery is the most effective solution for BPH.

TURP Surgery – In Brief:

·         TURP – Transurethral Resection of the Prostate involves electro-surgical removal of the abnormal prostate growth
·         The procedure involves insertion of resectoscope into the urethra that transports urine from bladder to reach the penis
·         The entire process takes place under general anesthesia and therefore you do not feel the pain. Spinal anesthesia can also be used that does not drives you to sleep and only numbs the lower segment of your body.
·         The resectoscope removes extra tissue attached to prostate after being heated with electric current
·         Thereafter, a catheter will be inserted to urethra to remove urine and clear the bladder. This catheter remains connected for several hours post surgery.

How To Take Care Post TURP Operation?

Patients who undergo TURP need to pass a night or two in the hospital until they are fit enough to remove the catheter. Once the catheter is removed, patients slowly start with normal diet. Walking is important to ensure quick recovery. However, this should always be done under your doctor's supervision.

Breathing exercises and coughing methods are taught that needs to be practiced for several days or even months after surgery.

Can You Prevent Prostate Enlargement?

One of the most annoying problems associated with prostate enlargement is frequent urination; so much that you need to wake up at night leading to disturbed sleep

This problem can be prevented if you skip drinking excess much water just before you prepare to fall asleep. Apart from this, no other solution precisely exists

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is said to prevent this problem. Seasame seeds, Tofu, Tomatoes, Bell pepper etc are said to be effective with prostate gland problems

Walking and some form of good physical exercises are essential for a healthy life and can equally prove beneficial for prostate gland enlargement issues

Finally, abstaining from alcohol, caffeine and smoke is highly recommended to ensure control of prostate gland enlargement

This was all about Benign Prostate Enlargement and how it can get treated. Following a healthy life style involving good nutritious diet, exercises and sleep are vital for healthy living. Opting for regular health checkups and taking essential steps are equally important. Similar to any other disease, prostate enlargement can even be treated at an early stage with simple medications if diagnosed at early stage. However still, if early treatment was not possible to opt and you will now have to undergo a TURP surgery, hopefully it will not be very difficult as you have gone through the entire post now! 

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Obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is one of the most amazing achievements that one can accomplish. It takes hard work and dedication to complete a Ph.D. Research conducted by the American census department concluded that just over 1.5% of the population in America have successfully obtained a Ph.D.; everyone who wishes to get to this level will become part of a select few.

In this segment, we will focus on people who are working towards a Ph.D. in Science. Studying towards a Ph.D. will greatly enhance your career and allow you to experience opportunities that you wouldn’t normally expect.

Sometimes you change your mind completely and want to stray off into a different path – one that isn’t in your field of expertise.

Check out our list of non-academic careers that a Ph.D. holder can consider:

  • Analyzing Market Research -
This is a position that can exist in several different industries, but they are primarily centered on the modern, technologically enhanced world. This could mean that you can find jobs in IT and electronic companies. This is because the technological world is constantly changing and they need their market research to be interpreted correctly in order to progress forward.

This position has said to have an increase in job growth, by over 20%, stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As a Market research analyst, you will be responsible for advising your company on potential business steps for progression. As a Ph.D. holder, you should be able to analyze and collate large amounts of data. This is one of the best alternative career paths for a Ph.D. student.

  • Business Developer -
A business developer is responsible for your company’s marketing, product management, and exploiting new markets.

Business Development was in the top 100 careers in the world, concluded by a recent career survey by CNN Money.

Taking up a career in business development is common with Ph.D. holders. It is like this because a person who holds a Ph.D. has an immense wealth of knowledge and skills. They will be able to come up with a strategic and straightforward plan to help the business excel, and for that reason, most Ph.D. holders should consider this path.

  • Business Consultant -
Another business-oriented career path. As a Ph.D. holder, you may not have pictured yourself as a man in the business field – but it is very common to find such cases. A report by Bloomberg stated that business management consultant has a total value of just under $40 billion.

As a business consultant, you will help other people build their own businesses. You will have to advise start-ups and share your analytics thinking skills. A career in this field will most involve close relationships with other workmates. This is because one person alone can never manage to deal with thousands of people.

Venturing into Business Consulting will expose you to a whole wealth of business opportunities: executive management, entrepreneurship, and even leading to a CEO position.

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Many people today feel that going to a university for a degree is too mainstream and costly. And with millions of people unable to afford going to a prestigious university, we are then forced to find more alternatives to get an education.

There are plenty of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – these are online course that can be taken in order to understand a topic, and help you start off your career. It will also help you sample different subjects and help you find the perfect career path to take. Some online schools even provide certificates – enabling you to show others of your qualifications; it tells bosses and friends that you show dedication, initiative, and that you aren’t afraid of taking risks.

Although, it isn’t certain that your bosses would acknowledge certificates from free courses. But, getting a certification goes miles in improving your self-esteem and it also exposes you to a new way of thinking.

We have compiled a list of the best places to take a MOOC, these places offer diversity and reliability. You can find all sorts of subjects, some that interest you and some that might not.

Some of these sites offer free courses that have been tailor made by Ivy League Professors;

  • Edx -
Edx is a useful and simple website that offers an immense range of courses, from engineering to computer science and business to arts. All their course are free and enroll dates are stated, although some courses are self-paced. At the end of your course, you are offered the chance to pay for a “verified certificate,” which is signed by your course instructor.

Once you begin a course, you will have the responsibility to complete all tasks, assignments, and quizzes. If not, you will be failed. The courses have been made my some of the most qualified professors at high-end Universities. Edx allows you to learn and switch course with ease – this will help if you are unsure of which course to take.

  • Khan Academy -
Khan Academy is one of the most famous organizations out there, having been funded by Bill Gates himself. They have a very friendly and simple user interface which is easy to use and fast to learn. Their teaching videos are quick and easy to understand. The main aim of the site is to aid both learners and instructors to develop their craft – it could be starting from scratch or just a refresher. Khan Academy offers a wide range of subjects, including art, humanities, and science.

  • University of Derby -
The University of Derby offers free online courses for the international community. The courses are designed to attract students to enroll in a full-time diploma or degree program. The courses offered range from Business to IT. It isn’t a very wide range, but it’s still a good choice if you are unsure on which course to take.

Udemy is also another popular site to receive an online education. They offer courses at no cost to the student and have a good archive of videos tutorials in several different subject areas. Some of their course comes at a fee, while others are free. Udemy, unlike Coursera, dives into a much deeper range of subjects – ranging from photography to creative writing. The site also has a few tutorials that are done by famous celebrities who are successful – they give their advice and guidance on how you can excel your career. But, Udemy does not affiliate itself with Universities but prepare their own courses although you may find some courses that have been adapted from University courses.

  • Coursera -
Coursera is the most popular of the lot. They offer all sorts of online courses, from physics to computer science. You are able to watch videos anytime – making it convenient for everyone, as learning from around the world could be tricky due to time differences. Like almost all online courses, you will be marked exactly as you would a traditional university setup. Coursera also provides students with certificates that can be used as sort of a proof that you have taken and achieved a passing grade in a particular course. Coursera isn’t very old, but it has a number of Universities that have got together with them to produce some outstanding courses. Keep in mind that most of the Universities are in the top 100 best ranked in the world.

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